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Whoa, is that Pikachu? Nope, this awesomely cute creature is a Jerboa, a nocturnal, desert-dwelling rodent with unbelievably huge ears for avoiding stealthy winged predators and impossibly long legs for hopping at speeds of up to 15mph in order to avoid ending up as someone else’s dinner. They take shelter in burrows from the daytime desert heat and take adorable dust baths. Jerboas generally live solitary lives, but will sometimes form loose colonies for warmth during particularly chilly winters.
tl;dr: This is a Jerboa and there’s so much cuteness happening here that we’re starting to feel dizzy.
If you’re somehow still conscious after looking at this amazing photo, head over to BuzzFeed for even more Jerboa awesomeness.
Photo by kuroebisama
[via Neatorama and BuzzFeed]
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wizard cats
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