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While I’m at it here’s an edit of some art from a p4 calendar scan I found on minitokyo that I made gay and transparent and probably out of proportion for my art blog’s theme a while ago.  did I post this already
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早川書房『演奏しない軽音部と4枚のCD』(著:高木敦史 ) 装画
Official cover illustration for the novel published by Hayakawa publishing.
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AC pixels, the forgotten edition



As my last post was about new villagers this one is about villagers that somehow got forgotten in the newer versions of the game and I think their designs are just too awesome for them to be buried in the older games…

Anyways, here’s a link to all my AC related stuff and other pixels thanks for your support everyone!

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im going to be moving all my ref/theme stuff over here!

ill probably still keep certain things ref things on this blog though 

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